About Us

We are passionate about making a measurable impact for our clients by delivering on their core needs:

  • Research results and practical insights that directly support strategic decisions
  • A combination of business experience and research expertise to design and deliver a valuable perspective on the business issue
  • A partner who is available, responsive, flexible, and creative

  • What we do

    We work with Fortune 500 companies, with regional and local organizations, and with non-profits to help them sharpen their focus and become better versions of themselves.


    Benefits for End Clients

    • Reliable, valid results
    • Client-side experience
    • Insights that enable smarter decisions
    • Delivery on time, on budget

    Benefits for Consultants / Research Resellers

    • Flexible design options
    • Fast turnaround
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Different deliverable options

    Benefits for Research Companies

    • Trustworthy & honest outsource partner
    • Expertise in all aspects of the project
    • Can take on one phase or multiple phases
    • Strong communication to ensure smooth execution


    Our Team

    Andy Pyle

    Andy Pyle CEO

    Market research expert specializing in design and delivery of data-driven insights to support strategic business decision-making.

    Sima Vasa

    Sima Vasa Board of Advisors

    Innovation and growth focused entrepreneur with proven success in starting and growing businesses.

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